TOA VX-2000DS Emergency Power Supply

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Wholesale! The VX-2000DS Emergency Power Supply Unit supplies the DC power to each equipment in the VX-2000 system by connecting the VX-200PS Power Supply Unit. It keeps the battery unit that contains 2 × 12 V sealed lead batteries charged compensating for the temperature of the battery charging vo ... ltage. When the DC power supply from the VX-200PS stops, the VX-2000DS is automatically switched to the backup battery. One is in all new condition and the another was used in showroom. On stock: - TOA VX-2000DS - 2pcs - TOA VX-2000SF - 2pcs - TOA VX-2000PF - 1pcs - TOA RM-200X - 1pcs - TOA RM-210 - 3pcs - Jedia JCDR-10RDS - 4pcs - Jedia JRR-10 - 2pcs - Jedia JRC-11 - 2pcs

Price:450 €



www link:http://www.toa.jp/products/voice_evacuation/vx-2000series/vx-2000ds_er.html

Pavlo Kolykhan
+421 949603476

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